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David explains that successful entrepreneurs focus on why things can be done, and do not allow themselves to make excuses for why they are not successful. By having tenacity, resilience and fortitude, these individuals become the best at what they … Continue reading

David explains that for him “winning” is everything. He goes on to explain that it will be a personally defined outcome for everybody, and shares the areas that he focuses on in his life, which include: personal growth, family life, … Continue reading

David  explains that focusing on the strategy without paying close attention to how that strategy is executed can lead to an unsuccessful plan. He shares five keys to help implement your strategy. Have a clearly defined strategy that is targeted … Continue reading

David explains that when leaders create an inspiring environment, employees can take responsibility for themselves. He provides an excellent story to explain this concept.  Putting the right people in the right culture with the right focus, will allow you to … Continue reading

David shares the concept of “knowing you have what it takes”, as being the best advice he has ever received.  You can discover what your strengths and weaknesses are only by getting out there and making mistakes. He goes on … Continue reading

David shares his view on how individuals should focus on the value that they bring to their clients, along with the market need, so that they can hone their career development. This, coupled with innovative thinking, will assure career security.

David stresses the importance of skill development within an organization. He discusses the “skills”, the “wills”, and the “hills” and explains that all of these need to be present to have a successful team. Skills development not only needs to … Continue reading

David shares a few reasons why he believes coaches are so important for leaders. First, coaches act as sounding boards. Secondly, coaches can sort through the “noise” that often distracts leaders. Finally, coaches can tell a leader “no”, or “yes” … Continue reading