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In this podcast, David shares the ramifications for failing to affirm your team members, and explains how you should not just be encouraging, but be an encourager. If your employees know the answer to the following three questions, they will … Continue reading

David shares one of his five critical elements that tend to blunt your effectiveness as a leader. This first element is failing to schedule time for learning conversations. These conversations allow leaders to learn what their team wants. When leaders … Continue reading

David explains that although there is some value to the SWOT analysis, he explains that more often than not, more is said than is actually done. He stresses that the focus should be less on the internal processes of the … Continue reading

In this podcast, David provides an excellent explanation of the process one needs to undergo in order to grow. By letting go of the insecurities and familiarities that settles into all of our lives, whether business or personal, we can … Continue reading

David discusses how good strategies are imperative to obtain new goals and objectives.  To create a strategy: 1.    You need to clearly define the outcome you desire 2.    You need to know what to do and then use what you … Continue reading

David explains that although motivation comes from within, leaders do have the ability to inspire. When leaders focus on motivating themselves, they in turn become an excellent role model and an inspiration to others.

David explores the concept of “thinking big”. He challenges the listener to expand their thought process and change their convergent thinking to divergent thinking, and offers guidelines on how you can make this change.

David explains that even when business is good, it is important to spend time managing yourself so that as an entrepreneur, you are not just task driven, but also strategic in time allocation so that you are preparing for the … Continue reading

David discusses the challenge of letting go of the familiar so that you can embrace new challenges and allow yourself to grow.