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David cautions to know your limits and beware of the four destructive decision ditches: Going it alone The hurried ditch Decision dodging Analysis paralysis

David shares the steps to move aside problems and successfully hit objectives that will give you the organization you’ve always dreamed of having.

David explains three things that will help you go far in handling the challenges of change.

David talks about how to deal with a negative employee: 1. Start with an ‘I’ statement – an ownership statement 2. Describe the specific behavior, not the attitude 3. Request the specific behavior change 4. Deflect the red herring 5. … Continue reading

David shares three tips for dealing with our own internal emotional upheavals. Accept anger – it’s natural Manage anger – own it Resolve the anger – have a controlled conversation

David explains what’s needed for leaders to become persuasive communicators. Develop your character Make your appeal to people’s emotions Appeal to logic

David discusses the importance of managing our emotions and coaching ourselves out of any negative feelings we may have. Listen to your internal speak Highlight the destructive words in your internal dialogue and underline them Halt!  Stop the negative talk … Continue reading

When you can’t say ‘yes’, David shows how to say ‘no’ without negative ramifications: Use a bridging statement Move to the business reason why you’re going to say ‘no’ Review the options that you can do Close with the question … Continue reading