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David explains that for him “winning” is everything. He goes on to explain that it will be a personally defined outcome for everybody, and shares the areas that he focuses on in his life, which include: personal growth, family life, … Continue reading

David  explains that focusing on the strategy without paying close attention to how that strategy is executed can lead to an unsuccessful plan. He shares five keys to help implement your strategy. Have a clearly defined strategy that is targeted … Continue reading

David shares a few reasons why he believes coaches are so important for leaders. First, coaches act as sounding boards. Secondly, coaches can sort through the “noise” that often distracts leaders. Finally, coaches can tell a leader “no”, or “yes” … Continue reading

David shares what five of the best attributes are in great leaders. These are passion, strong personal character, true commitment to excellence, risk taking and decision making, and finally, somebody who has a strong self image.

David shares his thoughts on how best to move your team from point A to point B successfully. He shares five steps to achieve this: having a specific vision of what is to be accomplished, clarifying roles, defining expectations, making … Continue reading

David shares five things that often keep us from implementing our strategic direction. These include ideas that are too lofty, taking care of problems that pop up spontaneously, doing the things we like to do instead of what we need … Continue reading

David shines a light on some of the mistakes organizations make. He shares a process he calls the 4-R’s that he uses  with organizations to help solve problems. These R’s stand for defining roles, relationships, responsibilities and results.    

David explains the benefits organizations can realize by looking to an outside consultant to help solve problems and offer new solutions.