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I recently had an incredible dining experience at Dominic’s Ristorante Italiano, a small, family owned and operated restaurant in Cypress, CA.  The service was friendly, the food was delicious and the ambiance was casual and comfortable -as if I was in someone’s home. My initial encounter was so enjoyable, I revisited the restaurant the following month when I went back to Cypress to work with one of my clients.

As I ate at Dominic’s the second time, I acutely observed the activity of the staff to ascertain what made my initial encounter so memorable. It was the simple things:

  • I was greeted in a warm manner – making a great first impression
  • I was offered a choice in my table selection – giving me the feeling of being in control and preferred
  • I was attended to quickly – showing that they were awaiting my arrival and honored I chose their restaurant
  • I was asked about my day – demonstrating a personal interest in me as their customer
  • I was always presented a smiling face – indicating the staff was happy to serve me

It was the simple things that made me want to come back.

The staff was engaged in their work. The staff enjoyed their work. The staff took note of details and did their tasks with excellence.

Why? Because they worked in an environment of ownership. Four of the eight staff on the floor were family members. The non-family member staff fed off of the owners’ passion for quality service, quality product and providing a quality dining experience.

Leadership is responsible for the environment of their team. Ownership is derived when the focus is on the customer and not on “just doing my job”! Profitability comes from concentrating on providing value – money always follows value. Repeat business occurs when consistent value is provided.

It’s the simple things. Take ownership. Smile. Go make someone else’s day.

You have what it takes!

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