You are the Author of Your Own Adventure: Embrace the Mystery

Life is full of mystery. Mystery is central to the jazz of life. Chesterton, the English writer who was called the “prince of paradox”, had it right when he said, “With every step of our lives we enter into the middle of some story which we are certain to misunderstand.”

In the midst of a lack of full understanding, the fulfilled keep dreaming, hoping, engaging, planning, doing, believing. It is those very actions that unwrap the mystery, enhance the journey, and allow us to break through the fog of uncertainty.

There is a story being told here. It’s the unique story of your life. An unwritten script. You hold the quill in your hand. Those around you, major life events, external circumstances – some out of your control – certainly influence the telling of your story, but ultimately you are the author of your own adventure. Embrace the mystery, live your story, enjoy the highs and the unavoidable lows, keep moving forward over obstacles and barriers, enjoy each step – even the steps on perceived shaky ground – keep moving forward. Your story is your uniqueness to be expressed.

Dream. Believe. Risk. Laugh. Dance. Forgive. Serve. Love. Stretch. Let go. Excel. Dare. Live!

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