Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness:
Leading Your Company to Profitable and Sustainable Growth

Waits Consulting Group, Inc., makes the complex simple. We make things easier, faster, focused and more profitable for our clients.

WWhy Rely on Outside Consultants?e improve our client’s condition and build their business by:

  • Providing highly responsive expert advice in real time
  • Giving alternative perspectives gleaned from world-class best practices
  • Creating and maintaining strategic congruence
  • Enhancing organizational effectiveness by aligning people, process and procedures with the business mission and objectives
  • Increase productivity by clearly defining roles, relationships, responsibility, and results
  • Improve profitability by streamlining systems and maximizing efficiencies

We use a Qualitative Strategic Process instead of a quantitative process – which typically seeks to predict the future extrapolated from the past primarily using financials. Our process leverages the resources and talents of our clients and coalesces them by incorporating the values and passions of the business, the driving force of the business, and future business scope to establish the strategic direction. Once the strategic direction is set, we can immediately implement the growth concepts developed, provide coaching to our client as they implement, or simply be your backstage assistant. We are your trusted confidant who intensifies the process, provides precise thinking and practical application from our global experience.



Strategy Development and Leadership Growth

Strategy is a framework within which decisions are made which influence the nature and direction of the business. Planning, which often is confused with strategy, starts from today and seeks to extrapolate the future. Letting long-range planning set your strategy is like choosing an excellent course of action to treat an incorrectly diagnosed problem. Strategy is the bright future that shines the light back to today, illuminating the path so that effective tactics can be energetically executed.

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Strategic Direction Mistakes copy

Since strategy is the framework to make plans, marshal resources and make day-to-day decisions it’s imperative that it is clear, concise and congruent. Otherwise we can be efficiently headed the wrong way. Companies lacking a clear, memorable, embraced strategy struggle with implementation, thwart tactical execution and blunt their effectiveness.

David’s Article:

Five Barriers to Implementing Strategic Direction



Organizational Environment

Leadership is the key factor of any successful endeavor. Effective leaders:

  • Effectively articulate and exemplify the vision of the organization
  • Adroitly communicate their expectations clearly, regularly and succinctly
  • Consistently gain commitment by skillfully motivating their people
  • Proficiently develop their people by building and advancing their unique skills and abilities

Employees are motivated most when they are able to apply their unique talents effectively and receive appropriate recognition for their work. It is the company’s leadership, at all levels, that establishes an environment that either invigorates or sustains or squelches employee productivity, engagement, and commitment. Creating and maintaining the proper environment for employee satisfaction and growth will produce customers/clients who are not only delighted in you and loyal to you, they will be evangelists for your company.

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