Entrepreneur Express

CCA TemplateAs with many other ideas, the idea of Entrepreneur Express came from our clients.

Entrepreneur Express is an offering where I focus on business owners who, like me, have their plates spinning in all directions.

    • How do we keep all the plates moving?
    • How do we maintain strategic focus?
What Clients Say About Entrepreneur Express

What Clients Say About Entrepreneur Express
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  • How do we consistently achieve the vigorous results we desire?
  • How do we have a dynamic, successful business and still maintain a healthy personal and family life?
  • How do we navigate the conundrum of challenges we face everyday?

I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and I know the mindset. I know the habits. I know the behaviors. I know the challenges. I know what sticks and what does not stick. I know what works and the traps that we easily fall into.

Most entrepreneurs are educated through the school of hard knocks and because this is such a harsh, exacting school, sometimes focus is lost. In business when focus is lost, mistakes occur; these mistakes costs money – sometimes large sums of money. Entrepreneurs often find themselves with absolutely no one to think with, lacking a dependable sounding board to bounce ideas off of.

There is a better way! Success leaves clues. Those clues are like hidden treasure – extremely valuable but elusive and hard to find. In Entrepreneur Express, I come alongside my clients and help them discover their nuggets of gold. These hidden treasures reside in their own business backyards, in their offices, and between their ears.

Entrepreneur Express will allow you to move to new heights of success creating a winning atmosphere in your business, your family and in your personal development.

Challenges Entrepreneurs face:

  • Lack of strategic planning or clear direction for their business
  • Too focused on cost with a resulting loss of new opportunities for financial reward
  • Operating out of old processes that are comfortable but no longer efficient
  • Making rash decision from what they perceive is reality and not being aware of false perception or blind spots
  • Fear of cost of investing in professional advice and their own personal growth
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